SK8COM Guarantee


SK8COM service is fully customized, and our staff will work for you to meet your requirements.

That's our guarantee.

We don't use cookie cutter solutions like other companies which charge you a bundle for very little in return. Try us for free and experience our service that will dramatically lessen your workload. If you still prefer to use SK8COM for a basic service similar to what the other companies provide, there will be no fee other than credit card processing fees which you may choose to cover or have the registrants pay.

That's right. We will work for free. Go ahead and compare. You just can't do better than SK8COM.

That's our guarantee.

Our limited time only, no strings attached introductory free offer is for our customized service (not for a basic service) which includes all management and logistics to make your Learn to Skate,  competitions or camp a successWe guarantee that our professional staff with high standards will work to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our custom service, you can continue to use our basic service for free. 

Go ahead and sign up for our introductory free offer today.