We do ...
  • create an announcement if you do not have one.
  • handle sanctioning/approval process.
  • online registration - we capture and record all necessary information.
  • post a live financial report on the site for you to view at any time during the online registration.
  • post a live entry report, the events by skater and the skaters by event, on the site for you to view.
  • contact parents/skaters/coaches by phone and via e-mail and take phone registrations for those without internet access.
  • run the eligibility checking with the U.S. Figure Skating to verify membership status, age & test passed levels.
  • run the U.S. Figure Skating coach's registration checking.
  • contact skaters/coaches in single entry events and make adjustments.
  • handle event changes and withdrawals.
  • Issue refunds.
  • divide event groups by age. (divide by random draw at your request)
  • prepare a registration data file for chief referee and chief accountant.
  • post the competition schedule.
  • post notices, changes, alerts, etc. on the website.
  • notify skaters/coaches of the schedule and the event groups.
  • notify skaters/coaches of any information at your request.
  • online registration for test sessions which includes all associated live reports and files.
  • online good luck ad/commercial ad sales.
  • online practice ice sales including preparation of check-in sheets for ice monitors.
  • prepare CD labels.
  • prepare a check-in file for the competition registration desk.
  • prepare an ice resurface schedule.
  • prepare a printer ready file of the competition souvenir program.
  • disburse payments at requested time intervals.

You do not need to configure anything. Send us the announcement if you have one. If you don't have an announcement, send us the dates, a list of events and the price. We will do the work.

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