3d Printable electroscope


Print and assemble this fascination scientific instrument that you can use to detect the presence and magnitude of an electric charge. In addition to your printed parts, all you need is a glass jar, some aluminum file and some glue. The only tools you need are a sharp knife and straight edge (although a file or sandpaper might come in handy.

There’s a complete construction video available at YouTube…

Here’s a ZIP file of the two STL files you will need to print the electrode parts…



iPhone mount for the DaVinci 1.0 printer

Here’s a handy camera mount for an iPhone that attaches to the Davinci 1.0 print bed. We designed and printed this out so we could take time lapse videos of the projects we’ll be printing out. Here is a zip file containing the three STL files you’ll need to print in order to have the parts you’ll need for assembly.

STL files

Here’s a youtube video that goes over the whole process: